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Loomie Starter Pack

Loomie Starter Pack


Introduce your child to the magical world of the Loomies with the Loomie Starter Pack, a perfect blend of adventure, learning, and hands-on fun. This enchanting set includes the first two captivating books of the Loomie series, where kids join Twig, Mollie, and their friends on thrilling quests that make STEM concepts exciting and accessible.

The starter pack also features a Terrarium Science Experiment, allowing kids to create their own mini-ecosystem and explore the wonders of nature up close. To add a splash of joy to bath time, we've included a delightful bath bomb that fizzes and releases a soothing scent, turning every bath into a magical experience.

The Loomie Starter Pack is designed to spark curiosity, promote positive learning, and provide hours of screen-free entertainment. Perfect for children aged 4-8, this set is an ideal gift for young explorers eager to dive into the magical, educational world of the Loomies.

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