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Magical Adventure Math  Board Game

Magical Adventure Math Board Game


The Loomie Board Game is an enchanting adventure quest designed to make learning math fun and exciting for kids. In this game, up to four players team up with the whimsical Loomies—Dewie the Water Fairy and Dollie the Dolphin, Twig the Earth Fairy and Mollie the Mole, Burnie the Fire Fairy and Sallie the Salamander, and Windie the Wind Fairy and Ollie the Owl. Together, they embark on a journey to solve math problems and collect gold coins. As players navigate through vibrant, magical landscapes, they encounter various math challenges that promote STEM skills, teamwork, and critical thinking. The game also emphasizes spreading kindness and positivity, making it a delightful and educational experience for children aged 4-8.

Expected to ship by end of November
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